eHaus delivers unprecedented comfort, health and performance
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eHaus delivers unprecedented comfort, health and performance

eHaus was established in 2010 by Jon Iliffe & Baden & Glenda Brown and with the dream of creating a New Zealand owned and operated specialist design and construction company using PassivHaus build & design principles. Today eHaus is recognised as award winning and New Zealand leaders in PassivHaus design and construction and they will be exhibiting and presenting a daily seminar at Home & Interiors, Lower Hutt from  29 - 31 March 2019.


So just what is Passive House? Simply put, it’s not an attachment or supplement to an architectural design, but a design process that is integrated into an architectural design.

Often referred to as the ‘world’s leading standard in energy efficient design” the German engineering intelligence behind PassivHaus encompasses: - comfort, energy efficiency and quality assurance for guaranteed health benefits.

PassivHaus design reduces, or in some cases eliminates the need for auxiliary heating or cooling with savings between 70-90% of energy when compared to a standard build.

The PassivHaus standard also ensures the highest quality clean fresh air, thanks to smart German designed and built Mechanical Heat Recovery Units. This state-of-the-art engineering delivers fresh filtered air and can support the entire exchange of air once every three hours, under normal operating use, while running on just 30 watts of power - (less than a standard light bulb!)

The system also silently removes 98% of pollutants, pollen and allergens creating an amazing healthy living space the whole family can enjoy. Fantastic for those with respiratory issues. It gently introduces fresh filtered warm air into every room and at the same time extracts an equal amount of stale air from bathrooms. kitchens, toilets and laundries.

Maintaining a constant temperature is possible due to the high-performance windows and doors so the frames and the glass never feel cold to touch or be near.  This also has the benefit of eliminating all condensation, which leads to mould growth and the many associated health risks it brings. 

Another key design feature is a continuous layer of thermal insulation. More than double the level of insulation required by the standard building code is installed. This enables the house to perform no matter the temperature outside, warm in winter and cool in summer.

All homes are air tight – this is at the heart of the building.  A thermal envelope eliminating any thermal bridges – or areas where heat can escape means, any energy generated either by the sun or just by living in the home is captured.  Stopping drafts and unwanted air movement through the fabric of the building.  Being airtight does not mean that you can’t open windows or doors. Far from it when the weather is favourable an eHaus built home is designed to take full advantage of the indoor-outdoor flow that Kiwi’s love.

Every eHaus is designed and constructed using the international Passive House design software.  Measured proven performance you can to live by, giving every eHaus homeowner the complete confidence of knowing their home will perform as it should.  You even get the official Passive House certificate showing your results and the house wears a special plaque confirming this international status

New Zealand has 18 different climate zones – meaning the building requirements for the top of the north or the bottom of the south are all relative to the region.  The team at eHaus have developed relevant construction solutions that meet the German PassivHaus principles for each of these regions.  This local climate data is fed into the PassivHaus software to determine that all 5 of the Passive House standards are right. This includes the correct level of insulation, glazing, elimination of thermal breaks and right site orientation needed.

This means that for every eHaus build no matter the region, the homes performance can be guaranteed before a single stake is put into the ground.   The climate, design, materials, and construction methods may vary, but the result is always assured.

eHaus has handpicked qualified Licensees and their teams in 13 regions throughout New Zealand including Wellington, Kapiti and Waiarapa, and a central Design Hub based in Whanganui. 

So why build an eHaus? – if you want the healthiest space for your family, all year round comfort no matter what’s happening outside, with the added bonus of saving up to 90% on your energy consumption then a PassivHaus built by eHaus is for you.  The team at eHaus believe that the Passive House standard will become the minimum building code of the future. 

Talk to us at Home & Interiors about redefining the way you live.


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