The Latest Interior Design Trends You’ll Find at the 2019 Wellington Home and Interiors Show
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The Latest Interior Design Trends You’ll Find at the 2019 Wellington Home and Interiors Show

The Home & Interiors show is the best Wellington event to discover what’s trending in interior design right now. If you’re building or doing any home renovations, you want the design to be as modern and current as possible so that your home stands tall amongst a housing market that is constantly being updated.

You might be struggling with where to start or have hit a roadblock on your home renovation plans – we’ve all been there! Which is why we’ve rounded up some impressive trends to look out for at this year’s show. Let’s jump right in!


Less is more, and it’s been this way ever since the minimalism movement began in the mid-20th century and completely rocked the world of interior design. Now, if you’re at all a fan of clean lines, open space or any kind of simplicity within your design, you can guarantee this is influenced by minimalism. It goes hand in hand with the modernism concept of ‘form follows function’, which means that the decoration of an interior should be guided by the function of it.

The Highlights:

Kohler bathroom fixtures is embracing minimalism with their innovative fixtures that have incredible function followed by sleek, clean forms. Their ‘Veil’ Wall Facing Intelligent Toilet is a key piece for any minimalist bathroom. The functions of this toilet are everything you could ever need from a bidet and a toilet in one, designed as a sleek, wall-facing pod that you wouldn’t even recognise as a toilet at first glance. They will have this product and more on showcase at the show this year.

Black Label’s Furniture and Kitchens is also sporting the modern, minimalist trend with defined, sharp lines and functional designs. If you want a high-quality, well-designed kitchen that screams simple, clean and efficient, you’ll want to visit Black Label this year.

Natural Textures

There will always be a place for texture in interior design, and this year marks a huge revival in textures that come from nature. Wild, wheat floral textures are taking over wallpapers and textiles, while the timeless wood grain is undergoing a strong revival. Whether it’s warm oak tones mixed with earthy greens and teal blues, or a rustic beige natural setting, cabinets, benchtops, furniture and even statement doors are trending with this texture and are a great idea to look at for future home renovations.  

The Highlights:

Big Mac Slabs Furniture is an amazing range of furniture in this category: providing transformative timber furniture, with a huge range of handcrafted outdoor furniture designs that showcase the warmth and durability of traditional timber with an organic feel that works in any situation.

Home staging and interior design brand Foxx and Filly will have a huge range of their modern furniture on show this year. Their style incorporates bohemian textures and patterns with a modern look, and some stand out pieces include their rustic textured jute rugs, and cane accents on modern style furniture.


The environment is trending, people. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses that grow from your living wall or sit back and listen to the silence that is solar energy. More and more home design companies are embracing this trend and implementing a much more sustainable and natural way of building homes. If you’re building a new home, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump on this trend (that we hope is here to stay) and make design choices that will reduce your family’s carbon footprint in the long run.

The Highlight:

There are a huge number of brands at this year’s show that are embracing future-forward, sustainable design and we are so excited to share them with you.

One particular brand that is implementing sustainable practices is BespOak kitchens and furniture. The company uses timber that is sustainably and responsibly sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified commercial plantations in Germany and North America. Not only that, their products are constructed in a timeless style and are guaranteed to endure generations of use.

Statement Fixtures

As much as minimalism and earthy tones are in at the moment, there will always be a place for the eccentric, art lovers who want to translate beauty into their homes. This year, the trending way to do this is with a statement fixture: whether it be an art nouveau style kitchen tap fixture, or a bold, pop art style sink.

The Highlights:

Kohler is at the top of the statement game with a range of bathroom basins that resemble fine art for your bathroom. They have a range of delicately decorated basins that come in a range of shapes and styles, so no matter your design taste they are sure to have a basin to fall in love with.

In complete contrast, Ikon’s iKolor inspirational sinks and tapware come in a huge range of bold, beautiful metallic or matte colours. Completely customisable, you are able to choose the kitchen sink that fits perfectly in your space and colour in it your favourite shade of stainless steel. These aren’t your average coloured sinks, though. Ikolor technology has undertaken intensive research to give the best quality of coloured steel that promises a 10-year warranty.

A Trend for Any Trendsetter

No matter what trends in interior design you’re loving (or hating) at the moment, you’ll surely find something you absolutely love at this year’s Home and Interiors Show. Don’t miss out – check out the 2019 Wellington Home & Interiors Event page for more information!

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